Our Story

Our founders, Kevin Shepherd and Mark Williams, found their friendship in their childhood. Both of them were raised in Christian families. When they were six years old, they were interested in the miracles done by Jesus Christ in the four Gospels, told by their grandparents. Since that time, they began to be thirsty in spirit for the truth. During their childhood, they didn't have the opportunity to read the Holy Bible. However, they still learnt "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" for their parents accompanied them to the neighboring chapel.

When they grew up, they were attracted by the question of where we come from, and where shall we go. Well, this philosophical question leads them to seek the origin of human beings. Then they went back to the Holy Bible to find the result. They found how graceful He is, our God. They were surrounded by the wisdom of Christ. After all, they were converted into faith. When they graduated, they decided to have an online boutique to realize their dream of offering the things which others need and of bringing God's good happy news from Gospel to others. Then they founded CUSCOOL.

  "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."(Matthew 18:20). We offer an assortment of faith apparel in various sizes and colors. Our shirts are made of 100% in cotton, and we're proud of our high-quality customer-service ability. "Wearing the Words, Wearing the Faith" is our conception by the reason for designing the marvelous Christian T-shirt is our mission. This task is to dialogue with God in our eyes, for we're convinced that God loves everyone infinitely with His flaming heart.

We are constantly developing new designs to illuminate everyone with God’s never-ending light. We hope our designs put a smile on your face and let the bright glorious light in your heart. If you have some questions, please send an email to service@cuscool.com. Our customer service is happy to help you.

Our Design

Our designs are heavily influenced and inspired by the living Word of God and then translated into captivating designs we place upon the garments we offer.
In essence, CUSCOOL is dedicated to reaching the spiritually lost through fashionable, eye-catching apparel and graphics. 

Our Mission

Our purpose at CUSCOOL is to reach people’s souls with the life-changing, omniscient wisdom of the Bible and its Author. Behind every artwork and design we offer, there is a more profound, spiritually captivating, and priceless meaning.
Through Christian fashion, we as believers can be a true light by spreading the Word of God without even opening our mouths.
At Fabrics of Faith, we believe you as children of God, should be completely free and proud to boldly proclaim your Faith in Jesus Christ-Our Lord, Our Savior, Our King from now until eternity!


Initially, our designers had the will to devise a logo with a Christian theme, they have designed a series of sketches, such as the Cross, the Crucifix etcetera. However, these elements are widely used. We intended to have much innovation to bring the special grace given by the Lord to our customers. Our designers have prayed to the Lord for being given some ideas. In His favor, our views are attracted by the relationship between God and human beings. Then we designed these columns as our logo.

This design would like to express that Jesus and his twelve apostles are the columns of the church and of the world. The apostles led by the shepherd, Jesus Christ, prop up our world just as the cornerstones. Meanwhile, on account of the highest column, a triangle is revealed, which is used to interpret "Trinity". For He is before the beginning of our world, and He shall be to the very end of the age.

When the design has been finished, it is unexpected that our design resembles one of the famous works of Leonardo da Vinci-----------The LAST SUPPER. This is a surprising coincidence. The twelve columns symbolize the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, and the lofty column in the middle symbolizes Jesus himself. It seems like an apocalypse of God for He is mighty and graceful. We believe that this is a sort of revelation of God, consequently, this design is called Apocalypse.